1.1| PREMIERE While researching anti-gravity, brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell) accidentally opens an inter-dimensional portal, which sends him and three companions on a cosmic roller-coaster ride to alternate Earths. In the opener, they find themselves in a Soviet-ruled U.S. where their only hope of escape is to free an imprisoned revolutionary.
1.2| FEVER When Wade is infected with a deadly virus on an Earth wracked by an epidemic, Rembrandt and Arturo race to find a cure and free Quinn from a Gestapo-like health agency.
1.3| LAST DAYS The salvation of a world facing destruction by an asteroid rests in the hands of Arturo and an overzealous young scientist. Meanwhile, Quinn and Wade begin to face their feelings for each other.
1.4| PRINCE OF WAILS In the British States of America--a place where England won the Revolutionary War--the Sliders are embroiled in an assassination plot involving the heir to the throne and an evil Sheriff of San Francisco.
1.5| SUMMER OF LOVE The Sliders find themselves in a present-day San Francisco where the "Summer of Love" never ended--and Wade and Rembrandt are mistaken for extraterrestrial prophets.
1.6| EGGHEADS While Quinn struggles with fame in a world where intellectuals are more popular than pro athletes, Arturo tries for reconciliation with a long-lost love.
1.7| THE WEAKER SEX Arturo finds himself in a potentially deadly mayoral race in a world where men are treated as "The Weaker Sex" and women hold the positions of power and respect.
1.8| THE KING IS BACK It looks like "The King is Back" when Rembrandt is mistaken for a long-deceased rock legend, but an old enemy would like to see the Crying Man disappear again-permanently.
1.9| LUCK OF THE DRAW Wade finds that she has money to burn when she wins the lottery in a seemingly utopian world, but she soon discovers that her silver cloud has a very dark lining.
2.1| INTO THE MYSTIC Return: The adventures of brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory and his three reluctant companions on an interdimensional roller-coaster ride. First up: the intrepid quartet lands in a world mired in mysticism and supersition and ruled by a mysterious entity known as The Sorcerer.
2.2| LOVE GODS In the world where germ warfare has exterminated most of the male population, Quinn, Rembrandt and Arturo discover that they've been pegged as runaway "breeders," and every nation of the world wants to capture them.
2.3| GILLIAN OF THE SPIRITS When a bizarre accident separates Quinn from the rest of the Sliders, the only hope for the remaining trio is to put their faith in a troubled young girl with a history of hearing voices--and an ability to communicate with spirits.
2.4| THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEALTHY In an America in which all land west of the Mississippi is part of the Nation of Texas, Quinn finds himself at the center of some highly unorthodox corporate raiding when a gunfight earns him a reputation for being quick on the draw.
2.5| EL SID When Quinn rescues a beautiful young woman in distress on a world ruled by violence, her homicidal boyfriend swearing vengeance for an imagined slight, follows the Sliders through the vortex.
2.6| TIME AGAIN AND WORLD Wade witnesses a shooting seconds before a slide, but when the vortex lands the travelers in a parallel San Francisco just as the same murder is about to occur, she intervenes--an action that embroils the quartet in a bizarre plot involving a disgraced federal judge, an underground resistance movement and a United States under martial law.
2.7| IN DINO VERITAS The Sliders find themselves face-to-jaw with an extremely large (and angry) beast when they lose Quinn and the timer, in a San Francisco that's been developed as a game preserve--for dinosaurs.
2.8| POST TRAUMATIC SLIDE SYNDROME The Sliders finally land in the one place that none of them wants to leave--home--but Quinn is the only one that has doubts about their good fortune. Meanwhile, Arturo hatches a plan to use Quinn's discoveries to win a Nobel prize.
2.9| OBESSION When the quartet slides into a society dominated by psychics, Wade meets the man of her dreams who happens to be next in line for the position of Prime Oracle, the most powerful person in the world. But she discovers that her love wants her to remain with him forever (at any cost), the future doesn't look quite so rosey. GreatFellas
2.10| GREATFELLAS In a U.S. where Prohibition was never repealed, the Sliders find themselves embroiled in a vicious struggle among warring organized-crime families, corrupt government officials and dedicated G-men--one of whom looks exactly like Rembrandt.
2.11| THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS Quinn finds himself on the trail of his double's murderer when the Sliders land in a world where Wade and Quinn's counterparts are corporate executives up to their ears in a shady computer-sofware deal.
2.12| INVASION The Sliders encounter a vicous race of scientifically advanced aliens who hold a nasty surprise for the quartet--they can slide at will, and intend to conquer every Earth in the dimensional spectrum.
2.13| AS TIME GOES BY The Sliders find themselves in a perplexing situation: each time they slide into a new world they encounter the same people as the previous world.
3.1| RULES OF THE GAME In the third-season opener, Arturo is seriously injured when the Sliders become unwitting participants in a bloody game, in which there is only one rule: stay alive.
3.2| DOUBLE CROSS After landing in a city where supplies are scarce, the Sliders meet scientists who are trying to perfect sliding and whose seeming cooperation impress Quinn, Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt.
3.3| ELECTRIC TWISTER ACID TEST In the middle of a desert, the Sliders find a village plagued by constant tornadoes and presided over by a dictator who'll stop at nothing to keep his subjects under his iron rule.
3.4| THE GUARDIAN Quinn is forced to relive painful childhood memories when a slide to 1980s San Francisco brings him face to face with his younger self. But his efforts to change the future are hampered by the other Sliders, who warn that any tampering will produce grave consequences.
3.5| THE DREAM MASTERS Wade becomes the target of a group of dream terrorists, who control people with their ability to tinker with the victim's innermost fears.
3.6| DESERT STORM After landing in a world where water is scarce, the Sliders come to the aid of a mysterious young woman who's been the virtual slave of a thug who wants to exploit her gift: the uncanny ability to find water.
3.7| DRAGONSLIDE In a mystical world whose belief system consists of magic potions, dragons and illusions, a practitioner thinks Quinn comes from a powerful line of wizards--and must be eliminated.
3.8| THE FIRE WITHIN The Sliders land on a world wher the substance of fire has a mind of it's own and a small piece follows them to another world. Quinn and Arturo are amazed by the fire and try to find a scientific method to communicate with it.
3.9| THE PRINCE OF SLIDES After landing in an America ruled by a monarchy and where men have babies, Rembrandt is mistaken for royalty--and prepped to give birth to the future heir to the throne.
3.10| DEAD MAN SLIDING In a case of mistaken identity, Quinn is arrested, tried and sentenced to death on TV, leaving the other Sliders scrambling to find the real culprit--Quinn's double.
3.11| STATE OF THE A.R.T. In a world ruled by automatons who've made humans obsolete, Quinn and Rembrandt become the guinea pigs in a ghastly experiment: the transplantation of their brains into robotic hosts.
3.12| SEASON'S GREEDINGS All's not calm for the Sliders, whose Christmas is spent in a giant mall whose customers run up outlandish bills, then become virtual prisoners while trying to pay them off.
3.13| MURDER MOST FOUL Arturo is kidnapped and brainwashed into thinking he's a great 19th-century detective investigating real murders in a world where assuming different identities is the norm.
3.14| SLIDE LIKE AN EGYPTIAN The sliders land in a world resembling ancient Egypt, where Quinn is used for an life-after-death experiment, and the others are intombed inside a pyramid.
3.15| PARADISE LOST The Sliders touch down on a seemingly idyllic town where the residents all look young but seem fearful of their new visitors, who soon discover the dirty secret to their hosts' youth.
3.16| EXODUS, PART I In a militaristic America threatened by a pulsar, a colonel (Roger Daltrey) decides who'll be saved--and who'll be left to die.
3.17| EXODUS, PART 2 As doomsday looms, Quinn and Maggie race to find a suitable parallel world, but discover that Rickman (Roger Daltrey) has a deadly ulterior motive for finding such a world.
3.18| SOLE SURVIVORS The Sliders encounter a world infected by bacteria that transforms the inhabitants into flesh-eating zombie-like creatures--one of which takes a bite out of Quinn.
3.19| THE BREEDER The sliders come upon a world in which young adults are used as guinea pigs in a mandatory organ-donor program. meanwhile, Maggie's carrying an alien egg that's incubating inside her.
3.20| THE LAST OF EDEN The Sliders land on a world ravaged by earthquakes. When Wade falls into a crevice created by a quake, the Sliders discover a deserted city below the surface.
And no, you aren't imagining things. This episode was produced before JRD left the show and so Arturo is in this episode. Why they didn't play this the week before Exodus I don't know.
3.21| THE OTHER SLIDE OF DARKNESS The Sliders find evidence that Rickman may already be spreading his infection in a world where the superstitious residents believe that a mysterious fog is responsible for their sickness.
3.22| SLITHER While vacationing, the Sliders stumble across a scientist whose research involving supernatural snakes gets out of hand when one of the critters escapes.
3.23| DINOSLIDE Maggie swears revenge against Rickman after the Sliders find evidence of the Colonel's whereabouts on a world ruled by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Meanwhile, Rembrandt is filled with joy when he's reunited with Malcolm.
3.24| STOKER Wade falls under the spell of a gothic-rock band's charismatic lead singer, who--unbeknownst to Wade--is also a full blooded vampire with a taste for young groupies.
3.25| THIS SLIDE OF PARADISE After cornering Rickman on a world inhabited by bizarre hybrids, the sliders finally have a chance to get home--until they encounter a scientist (Michael York) who's trying to create a race of slaves from the DNA of humans.
4.1| GENESIS After three months of searching, Quinn and Maggie finally arrive on Earth Prime! It's a bitter homecoming when Quinn learns that the Kromaggs have invaded his world and have captured Rembrandt and Wade. Determined to rescue them, Quinn and Maggie link up with an underground human resistance cell and break into the Kromagg re-education center. They find Remmy but learn that Wade has been shipped off world to a 'magg breeding camp. Their rescue plans are unexpectedly thwarted when Quinn is captured. While in the Kromagg gulag Quinn uncovers some startling information about his family and home world that will forever change his notion of who he really is.
4.2| PROPHETS & LOSS Love, peace, and harmony prevail on this world ruled by a man called the Master Oracle. But the Sliders inadvertently run afoul of the law by possessing an "illegal scientific device" -- their timer -- which is confiscated by the Oracle's Enforcers. When the Enforcers conclude that the Sliders are members of the militant underground called "Radical Rationalists," Quinn, Maggie, and Rembrandt are earmarked for "chemical re-configuration" -- personality erasure and brainwashing which will forcibly convert them to the Way of the Oracle.
4.3| COMMOND GROUND Arriving on Earth 147, our heroes slide into the middle of a firing range and live weapons test. Amidst the chaos of blazing cannon, Maggie manages to rescue an injured soldier who turns out to be a Kromagg named Kromanus. Our heroes are promptly captured and tortured by second in command Krolak. But Kromanus, who is actually commander of the Kromagg garrison, intervenes on their behalf. Grateful for his life, he upgrades the trio's status to house arrest, giving them full run of the complex. Our heroes soon find themselves stuck in the middle of a power struggle between the war-weary commander and his overly-ambitious underling. Meanwhile, Rembrandt has discovered the terrible truth about the Kromagg garrison and the heinous tests being conducted on humans -- tests that could mean the end to humans in all dimensions.
4.4| VIRTUAL SLIDE Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie slide into the middle of a demolition site just as an explosive charge is triggered. Maggie wakes up to find that she and the others are home, back on Earth Prime and the humans have beaten the Kromaggs! But have they? In truth the sliders are in a hospital ward, immersed in a virtual reality fantasy designed to accelerate their healing. To their horror our heroes learn that during their convalescence they missed the sliding window. They are stuck on this world for twenty-nine years! Not prepared to accept defeat, the trio set out to build a new sliding device. But this world uses VR for everything from recreation to medicine, and Quinn and Rembrandt are easily drawn by its allure. Maggie must struggle to break them of a virtual reality addiction before it completely incapacitates them, erasing any chance of escaping this world.
4.5| WORLD KILLER Quinn, Rembrandt, and Maggie slide to a San Francisco with deserted streets, empty buildings, and abandoned cars. Everyone's disappeared -- everyone except for a ragged, half-crazy Quinn double who's convinced that his failed antigravity invention has accidentally wiped out every other human being on this Earth. When our Sliders discover that this Quinn's misfired experiment actually transported five billion people to a parallel world -- doubling its population and causing massive hardship and starvation -- they realize they must slide to that world and somehow attempt to reverse the process.
4.6| OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? "I have a brother!"

...and several slides after that revelation, the Sliders finally track Quinn's newly discovered sibling to an Amish-type Earth. There they find a technology-free agrarian community and one heretical social outcast, an inventor named Colin Mallory. Quinn wastes no time in telling Colin the truth about his family and their alternate dimensional origins. A microdot hidden in a family heirloom confirms Quinn's assertions and Colin is forced to accept the truth. Having no real reason to remain, Colin joins the team and together they head out in search of their parent's Earth. Arriving on the next world, Colin is introduced to a world of modern technology. Trouble begins almost immediately when the double of his former love takes advantage of his glaring na´vetÚ, and involves him in a scam to steal cryogenically frozen bodies.
4.7| JUST SAY YES On this parallel earth, drugs are not only legal, they're mandatory. Constant doses of government-prescribed "pharmacotherapy" keep the populace docile and happy. Maggie and Colin are forcibly medicated by tranquilizer-gun wielding Facilitators, then sent to a Reorientation Compound -- an idyllic suburban house -- to learn to live in domestic bliss, Ozzie-and-Harriet style. Meanwhile, a Drug Empowerment Administration agent has mistaken Quinn for his double -- a long-haired hippie anti-drug activist. When Quinn and Rembrandt elude capture, the DEA agent opts for lethal force -- and uses a deadly prescription to transform a young Facilitator into a berserk, unstoppable assassin.
4.8| THE ALTERNATEVILLE HORROR An acid rainstorm forces Quinn, Rembrandt, Maggie, and Colin to stay in a haunted hotel. Who is the silent, spectral figure that can walk though walls? Why is the ominous stranger who's registered as "John Smith" prowling around with spooky and mysterious instruments? What terrifying creatures lurk in the dark cellar? What horrible object turns up in the ice machine? What unearthly force makes the Sliders' timer levitate -- and then disappear? And when Colin is lured over to the "other side" and becomes lost in a realm of spirits, how will he ever return?
4.9| SLIDECAGE Quinn and Colin have finally broken the code on the microdot chip. Next stop: home. They slide to a bleak, barren world and quickly realize that their journey is not over. A recording from Michael Mallory informs them that they have been captured by a device called a SLIDECAGE. It is a mechanism designed to protect their home world from the Kromaggs by intercepting anyone who attempts to slide there. Once snared by the slidecage you are trapped on that world for the rest of your life. Our heroes immediately discover that they are in the middle of a war between human and Kromagg captives. Can they convince both sides to put down their differences and work toward a common goal of escape? Or are they doomed to live out their lives in a caged state of perpetual warfare?
4.10| ASYLUM When the Sliders are forced to jump from a plummeting airplane, Quinn and Rembrandt are badly hurt. Worse still, they're on a Kromagg-ravaged world that's been stripped of resources; hospitals are overloaded, and medical care is nearly impossible to obtain. After Colin persuades Dr. Grace Venable to help them, Rembrandt quickly recovers from his injuries, but Quinn's are more serious; he remains comatose. As Rembrandt and Grace discover a strong mutual attraction, Maggie discovers that foreign secret agents are out to capture Grace, dead or alive -- despite her being Quinn's only chance for survival.
4.11| CALIFORNIA REICH Our heroes slide into a world run by a Nazi-like organization called Stompers. Their job is to enforce Racial Repatriation backed by Governor Schick. Under his edict, all citizens of color are shipped off to detention camps. Coincidentally, Schick has also introduced an army of free labor in the form of android workers called "Eddies." As the only person of color left on the streets of Los Angeles, Rembrandt is immediately spotted on arrival, apprehended by the Stompers and carted off to detention. There, he discovers the horrible secret behind Schick's economic recovery and its true human toll, while his fellow sliders try desperately to free him and expose Schick's evil organization.
4.12| THE DYING FIELDS On a deserted Earth, the Sliders are horrified to discover human prey being hunted down and killed by half-human, half- Kromagg warriors-in-training called "Hu-Maggs." Quinn, Rembrandt, Maggie, and Colin meet Jenny, one such human target who's been abducted from her homeworld by the Kromaggs. Jenny, like the other abductees, has been promised that she'll be returned home if she can survive the "training exercise" for twenty days. But the Sliders know this promise is a lie, that the Kromaggs and their Hu-Magg soldiers will never allow any of them to leave this Earth alive...
4.13| LIPSCHITZ LIVE An unstable vortex deposits the Sliders in different places on a world that is transfixed by a television show, Lipschitz Live, that is practically the only show on the air. Our heroes now have only an hour to find each other and slide away. Rembrandt and Maggie are left dangling from a skyscrapers' window-washing rig, only later to mistake Colin's double for the real deal. Meanwhile, Colin is mistaken for his wealthy, spoiled double and kidnapped by his "father's" thugs. Since Quinn has yet to see the others, he tries communicating to them via an appearance on Lipschitz Live. His plan works, and he alerts the others through his TV interview that the next slide is fast approaching. Will the Sliders make it across town and to the TV station in time?
4.14| MOTHER AND CHILD The Sliders reach a world where a young woman named Christina has escaped from a Kromagg breeder camp with her half-human, half-Kromagg baby. Christina knew their friend Wade Welles, a fellow prisoner. The Sliders find out the coordinates of Christina's home world, but are forced to slide there before they can discover where Wade has been sent. On Christina's world, which has somehow managed to repel the Kromagg invasion, Christina's father Jonathan coldly maintains that Christina should have left the baby behind; what he doesn't tell her is that her baby can't survive on this Earth. And the Sliders soon have another problem as well: a Kromagg subcommander has slid to this Earth to kill Christina and recapture her baby.
4.15| NET WORTH When the Sliders land out of the vortex they find themselves separated by an impenetrable glass wall. Quinn and Rembrandt are located inside a high-tech ivory tower. Colin and Maggie land in the grungy surrounding streets. Neither side can reach the other. In this world the population is separated into ON-LINERS, those who reside in towered buildings, living vicariously on the Internet, and OFF-LINERS, who live outdoors and despise using technology.

Quinn and Rembrandt are about to be apprehended by guards when they meet Joanne, who at first assumes Quinn is Rick, her email friend and soulmate. Meanwhile, Maggie and Colin meet Rick, who turns out to be an Off-liner who has no access to the great white towers of the On-liners.

The Sliders, working from both ends, decide it's time to get these crazy young lovers together...

Too bad a group of Scavengers, a roaming gang of violent malcontents, are set on insuring that this union never takes place.
4.16| SLIDE BY WIRE The Sliders slide off a militaristic Earth where the U.S.A. is battling the Soviet Union -- only to land upon a world where possession of any technology is punishable by death. And Quinn, Rembrandt, and Colin don't realize that the Maggie that slid with them is a double who's fled from her oppressive Earth. Trapped on that world, "our" Maggie discovers that her double was a pilot who flew her complex fighter through a direct (and dangerous) cybernetic link to the brain -- and if her lack of such a link is discovered, she'll be executed as a spy.
4.17| DATA WORLD The Sliders arrive on a desolate, barren, wind-blown street. As they proceed to the Chandler they are magnetized with a kind of digital energy. Suddenly, they are in the lobby of a brilliantly lit, bright-colored luxury hotel. There they meet the owner, the real Archibald Chandler.

The hotel and staff see to our heroes' every need, except for one. They are not allowed to leave The Chandler.

The Sliders soon realize that they have been transformed into computer-generated images while their real bodies are "outside" the hotel. The Chandler environment that seemed so luxurious is actually a computer-scape and the Sliders have been reduced to programs that reside within. They confront Archibald and demand to be released. He denies their request and retaliates by deleting Maggie from the computer.

But, as with all computer programs, a file deleted is not necessarily irretrievable. Quinn must distract Chandler while the others try to track down the missing Maggie program. She is still somewhere in the computer, immersed deep in the system's junk file.
4.18| WAY OUT WEST On a wild-west-style Earth, Colin is wounded by a bullet from the black-hatted gunslinger "Mr. K" and nursed back to health by a homesteading widow whose land Mr. K wants. To raise money to rent horses and find Colin, Maggie takes a job as a saloon singer, wowing the crowd with her rendition of "Tight Pants." But when Mr. K frames Quinn for murder, Quinn and Rembrandt wind up with their necks in hangman's nooses -- and Colin finds himself in a deadly face-off with Mr. K to see who's quicker on the draw.
4.19| MY BROTHER'S KEEPER Our heroes arrive in a world where it is commonplace for the rich and affluent to have themselves cloned. The clones are held in repositories and then harvested when the owner needs spare parts. Quinn stumbles upon his duplicate who is blinded in a lab accident and is mistaken for the alternate Quinn's clone. He is immediately apprehended and restrained, his eyes destined to replace his duplicate's. Performing the surgery will be Dr. Michael Mallory, the duplicate of Quinn's father!

Meanwhile, Rembrandt, Maggie and Colin attempt to rescue Quinn, only to mistakenly swipe his clone. Time is running out. Should they return the clone in exchange for their Quinn? Is the clone in their presence a thinking feeling individual or just a cache of spare parts? The Sliders want to do the right thing but the price may be Quinn's (any one of three) sight.
4.20| THE CHASM The Sliders arrive in a town that seems like the Happiest Spot in the World, right down to a main street with popcorn and cotton candy vendors. But there's one person in this place who isn't happy: a little girl who has just seen her grandfather leap into the Chasm, a pit seething with unknown energy. Rembrandt befriends the girl but soon learns that her misery comes from far more than witnessing her grandfather's fate: When she in turn hurls herself into the Chasm, Rembrandt is struck by a bio-energy bolt that transfers her burden -- all the sorrows and fears of the whole town -- to him, torturing him with depression and paranoid hallucinations. Meanwhile, the other Sliders are overcome with feelings of well-being, especially a blissful Quinn who seems ready to stop sliding and stay on this Earth forever. Can his fellow Sliders snap out of their reverie in time to help Rembrandt escape his torments before he too feels compelled to fling himself into the Chasm?
4.21| ROADS TAKEN Rembrandt and Colin slide into a war torn world, but without Quinn and Maggie! The vortex opens again minutes later and Quinn and Maggie emerge as if nothing had ever happened. To them the slide was perfectly normal. It isn't until later that weird things start to happen. Quinn and Maggie fall ill to a strange sickness and are rendered unconscious. An army doctor examines them and is astonished to discover that every symptom of their malady suggests that they are dying of old age. A medical alert is sounded. The Chandler is to be quarantined to prevent any further spread of this unknown disease.

Meanwhile, a strange ghostly figure appears to Rembrandt and Colin. He tells them he is a trans-dimensional traveler named Thomas Mallory. He also claims to be the son of Quinn and Maggie! Thomas proceeds to explain that during the slide, part of Quinn and Maggie were spun off and became the focal point of a kind of bubble universe. The parts of Quinn and Maggie that did split off have lived an entire lifetime in that universe in a matter of hours and will be dead soon. When they die, our Quinn and Maggie who are still connected to them will die as well. That is unless Thomas, along with Rembrandt and Colin, can take them to the bubble universe to be re-joined with their older selves. But time is fast running out...
4.22| RELEVATIONS The Sliders are stuck in the dullest world they've ever found... until Rembrandt picks up a science-fiction book that reads like the story of their lives. It speaks of dimensional travel and a mutant species called "Gormaks" which sound supiciously like "Kromaggs."

Quinn tracks down the reclusive author, Isaac Clark, who confesses that his "novel" is in fact the history of his birth-world; he too is a slider. He knew Michael and Elizabeth Mallory, who helped develop the bio-weapon that virtually wiped out the Kromaggs of his universe. He agrees to supply the coordinates that will reunite Colin and Quinn with their true parents and their home world. But when Clark and his daughter slide there with our heroes, it becomes clear that Clark had an ulterior motive for returning: He's an exile with dangerous knowledge about something hideous that happened there twenty years ago. And just when everything seems to be going right for a change, the Sliders are forced to face the fact that nothinger here is what it seems...
5.1| THE UNSTUCK MAN The Season Five premiere finds Quinn, Rembrandt, Maggie and Colin in a running gun fight against an unknown enemy. As the timer ticks down and the wormhole appears our heroes barely make it through the open vortex with their lives.

Rembrandt and Maggie emerge on the other side only to find that Colin is nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, they confront a stranger who claims to be Quinn Mallory!

We soon learn that this imposter is, in fact, a duplicate of our own Quinn. He is the lab assistant for an eccentric scientist named Dr. Oberon Geiger. Geiger is involved with a kind of trans-dimensional technology which he claims has miraculous medical applications. The only problem is that as a result of Geiger's experimentation our own Quinn has been merged with this duplicate while his brother Colin has become dimensionally unanchored, lost somewhere in the multi-verse involuntarily slipping from dimension to dimension.

Geiger's assistant director, Diana Davis, vows to help Rembrandt and Maggie re-split the two Quinns and locate Colin. But as the work proceeds our heroes learn that Gigers true motives are not what he claims, and in fact threaten life not just on this earth but throughout the multi-verse.
5.2| APPLIED PHYSICS On the next world, Diana sets out to access a university lab to find a "cure" for Quinn and has her first encounter with one of her duplicates. She is shocked to learn that this version of herself is a single mother who is struggling to survive at a minimum level wage job. Ill-prepared for this revelation, Diana is unable to cope with the idea that a version of herself could possibly be anything but a successful scientist. She decides to use Dr. Geiger's recombinant technology to try to alter and improve her duplicate's life but instead accidentally summons Geiger from his hyperspatial exile. Now stabilized on this world, Geiger is free to continue his recombinant work that nearly destroyed the multi-verse.

Meanwhile, Mallory, with Maggie and Rembrandt's help, is still struggling with his new duality. But is Maggie really trying to help him or does she have another clandestine agenda? An agenda that would make "her Quinn"
5.3| STRANGERS AND COMMRADES Rembrandt, Maggie, Mallory and Diana are trapped on a strange world in between dimensions. With the timer frozen and no chance of escape they soon find themselves pressed into service with a special forces team from Quinn's homeworld.

The unit, under the command of Sergeant Vernon Larson, is fighting a war against a small contingent of Kromaggs who are also stranded there. Larson's job is to guard a secret bunker and its unknown contents. The Kromaggs want what's inside. Larson will do anything to protect it, including hijacking our heroes and putting guns in their hands.

The Sliders discover the true meaning of hopelessness and despair when they learn that the anti-Kromagg weapon they seek is useless to them. Things worsen until all they have left is this war of attrition. In a day or two, they will all be dead unless a new chance for survival can be found hidden in Larson's bunker.
5.4| THE GREAT WORK Remmy, Mallory, Diana and an injured Maggie land on a barren little island in the middle of the ocean (Catalina). They find refuge with a mysterious order of monks who begrudgingly offer them food, shelter and medical assistance.

Our heroes soon discover the secret of this island and its inhabitants. In a hidden refuge beneath their monastery the monks are busy gathering, recording and codifying the accumulated wisdom of their species. It is called The Great Work. In doing so they are trying to protect this wealth of human knowledge and culture from a marauding faction known as the Volsangs - a Viking-like race of pillagers who have conquered this Earth.

When one of monks, Keeper James, betrays the order to the Volsangs the Sliders become involved in a feverish attempt to preserve The Great Work. With Volsang boats on the beach and the raiders at the gates, can our heroes successfully spirit the work off the island to a new, safer hiding place?
5.5| NEW GODS FOR OLD Rembrandt, Maggie Mallory and Diana are running for their lives, pursued by an angry rabble and a small army with big guns. Just another day in their world of sliding. They barely escape into the vortex, but not before Mallory takes a shot in the back and is paralyzed from the legs down.

On the next world our heroes discover a miraculous cure for their ailing friend. A strange regenerative water dispensed by an equally strange mind-numbed cult. Mallory drinks the water, is cured, but is also brainwashed into joining their collective. He decides he's going to stay behind when Remmy, Maggie and Diana slide out. Not willing to accept Mallory' decision, given his state of mind, Remmy and Maggie drag him through the wormhole when they make their next traverse.

Mallory, now separated from his collective, is miserable and angry with his friends. But he soon realizes that he carries the essence of the miracle water in his system. He can spread the word and start his own cult following on this world. Remmy, Maggie and Diana are now faced with the challenge of preventing Mallory from becoming this Earth's next messiah.
5.6| PLEASE PRESS ONE When Maggie tries to purchase a candy bar from a vending machine she is instantly spirited away by a sinister driverless truck. Rembrandt, Mallory and Diana soon learn that they are on a world where everything is provided for you as long as you live within a system of corporate rules and, of course, have an assigned number.

But Maggie doesn't have a number and consequently has been incarcerated by Data Universal, the governing corporation on this world. Now she has to pay the price. Her sentence is to be processed and mainstreamed into a society of lemmings. Their sole purpose is to work just so they can purchase products manufactured by Data Universal, whether they need them or not.

Meanwhile, Remmy, Mallory and Diana have enlisted the aid of Arlo, a former DU sales rep who has managed to live outside the system. Can the others rescue Maggie before she becomes just another number? Or worse, a deleted file discarded into the Data Universal shredder?
5.7| A CURRENT AFFAIR Our heroes slide into a world where tabloid journalism has taken the place of responsible news reporting (no, they haven't returned to Earth Prime!) During a presidential press conference Maggie is accidentally shoved into the arms of President Jefferson Williams, creating an instant photo op for the parasitic press. In no time the media is brimming with images and rumors about an alleged affair between Maggie and the President!

Meanwhile, a war with Switzerland is going very badly for the United States. Vargas, William's Chief of Staff, decides it would be in their political best interest to divert attention from the conflict by parading the President's infidelity before the scandal hungry masses. Maggie is abducted and coerced into participating in a staged escalation of the affair which the press and the public buy into hook, line and sinker.

Vargas realizes that as soon as Maggie is set free she'll blow the whistle on the hoax. His only alternative is to eliminate her permanently. Rembrandt, Mallory and Diana enlist the aid of Bobby Hawkes, a young journalist who deals in old fashioned hard news, to help them reveal the truth about the President's campaign of deceit.
5.8| JAVA JIVE The Sliders stumble upon a gangland slaying and befriend the lover of the victim, a nightclub owner named Angie. Unfortunately, her troubles were just beginning. When Angie's employees quit in mass, Rembrandt, Maggie, Mallory and Diana come to her aid and take up the slack as employees of the club.

Our heroes soon learn that this is a world where caffeine is an illegal substance and the club they are working in is actually a speakeasy. Realizing the best way to dodge trouble on this Earth is to steer clear of any illegal activity, the Sliders wisely decide to move on and to avoid any further involvement with Angie and her operation.

But this is easier said than done. Diana is stricken ill from a bad dose of synthetic caffeine. Angie is kidnaped by gangsters who are synth-caf bootleggers and the Sliders find themselves in the middle of a sting operation between the police, the coffee mafia, a "Columbian caffeine connection" and a good cop gone bad who just happens to be Rembrandt's duplicate!
5.9| THE RETURN OF MAGGIE BECKETT It's a strange homecoming when our intrepid travelers slide into Maggie's home town of Fresno, arriving just outside the Maggie Beckett Municipal Park! The Sliders learn that on this world her duplicate is a canonized hero. Of course, oddities like this is just sliding S.O.P. But Maggie can't help but be a little unsettled when she learns that her doppleganger is also a VERY DEAD hero.

We quickly discover that this is a hi-tech Earth, having benefitted from mankind's first contact with extraterrestrials some fifty years ago. Because of this communion, spaceflight science is far more advanced than on most other worlds. Maggie's double commanded the first manned mission to Mars. Unfortunately, she along with her comrades disappeared on the way back to Earth. Maggie is now an icon and her memory a national treasure. Her name and likeness are immortalized in everything from city streets to fast food franchises.

Rembrandt, Mallory and Diana realize that it's probably best to keep Maggie under wraps. But that's easier said than done when rumors of her return run rampant, thanks in part to Mr. Xybo, a meddling Maggie Beckett Museum curator.

Maggie and the others are soon on the run from her worshiping fans, a military contingent lead by her duplicate's father General Beckett, and a bizarre human/alien hybrid who calls himself The Leader. He needs Maggie's corpse as proof of the government cover-up he alone is certain exists.
5.10| EASY SLIDER Rembrandt, Maggie, Mallory and Diana slide into the middle of nowhere with only a lone desert road in front of them and no civilization in sight. Rescue is at hand, however, when a bus carrying local oil workers stops to give them a lift. On the bus Mallory meets Sam, a young beautiful employee of Kincaid Petro. The two are immediately smitten with one another.

The bus pulls into the company town where our heroes take jobs as drivers transporting Kincaid oil. They soon discover that their new seemingly innocuous positions are actually high risk jobs. It is their responsibility to protect their oil cargo from a rampaging motorcycle gang known as The Smokers.

Mallory has decided to stay on this world with Sam, who he learns is actually a Smoker. He decides to join the group but reneges on his commitment to Sam when he discovers that hers is a polygamous culture. Should he stay with her he will become one of five husbands!,BR>
Meanwhile, Rembrandt, Maggie and Diana are scheduled to make another oil run. Unknown to them they have been targeted by The Smokers for their next raid.
5.11| REQUIEM Rembrandt is experiencing a series of bizarre dreams. He says Wade is calling to him, beckoning him to seek her out. Coaxing him to enter a bizarre rip in space time where she waits on the other side.

Maggie, Mallory and Diana are extremely leery of Rembrandt's behavior. Is he going nuts? Did something happen to him on the last world that is slowly causing him to lose his sanity? Is he so guilt ridden over Wade's ordeal that his mind is playing tricks on him?

But attitudes start to change when the doubting trio actually sees the rip materialize before them. Rembrandt tells them that he must jump through. The answers to his questions and their doubts are through that energy curtain. Reluctantly, Maggie, Mallory and Diana follow Rembrandt through to who knows what.

"What" turns out to be a very nasty place. On the other side of the rip the Sliders find themselves smack in the middle of a secret Kromagg base. There they learn that Wade's mind is being used a part of a heinous weapon that will help the Kromaggs repatriate their world from the humans.

Can they save Wade while at the same time stopping the Kromagg invasion? Or will Wade have to die so that others may live?
5.12| MAP OF THE MIND The Sliders appear in the middle of a home for the mentally ill and what passes for an inmate riot. In the turmoil Rembrandt and Maggie become separated from others. Diana is immediately mistaken for one of the inmates and is locked up. Meanwhile Mallory has successfully avoided incarceration and is now masquerading as a Doctor.

Our heroes learn that this is not an asylum in the conventional sense. It's more a political correctional facility for wrong thinkers. On this world any kind of creative thought is considered an aberration and all violators are subject to a mind-correcting procedure known as brain re- mapping. Diana undergoes such a procedure.

When Mallory finally locates Diana he discovers that, because they are both from a different world, the process has somehow adversely altered Diana, turning her into some kind of cosmic savant. Supposedly her consciousness is now able to leave her body and access a greater human collective consciousness.

Rembrandt and Maggie break back into the asylum and locate the others. But is Diana really there in her body or is she just a shell of her former self? The Sliders must find a way to return Diana's consciousness to the human plain and her body or lose her forever when the timer runs out.
5.13| A THOUSAND DEATHS Rembrandt, Maggie, Mallory and Diana are caught in the middle of a bizarre and deadly fast food franchise war. Our heroes barely slide away with their lives only to appear in a world where its people are dedicated to pleasure and hi-tech recreation. Quite a change from their previous venue, this world is dominated by Mark Einman, an entertainment mogul who through holographic generated adventures can make one's every fantasy come true.

Our heroes decide to take advantage of their new surroundings. They declare themselves "on vacation" and sign on for Einman's state of the art entertainment experience, The Arcade. Mallory elects to role play a civil war soldier while Rembrandt embarks upon a holographic 1970's detective adventure. Maggie and Diana decide to play it low key and hit the Roman health spa.

Later, after the games, Rembrandt and Mallory share their disappointment with their adventures feeling that the scenarios are little more than holographic violence-fests. The people of this world seem more interested in satiating a peculiar bloodlust than actual role playing. Rembrandt and Mallory decide to leave but are unable to locate Maggie and Diana.

Things really get weird when holograms of Maggie and Diana appear as characters in the fantasy games. Someone at The Arcade is using their images for some unknown and no doubt unsavory purpose. But why? And where are the real Maggie and Diana?
5.14| HEAVY METAL Rembrandt, Maggie, Mallory and Diana are fished out of the middle of the ocean by a merchant captain and his crew. They find they are outside their sliding radius on a boat that is taking them farther away from this important zone with each passing minute. It's pretty obvious that something has gone terribly wrong with the timer. A failsafe function in the device normally prevents this from happening.

Diana determines that the timer needs a re-charge. But that doesn't solve their immediate problem. The captain won't turn the ship around and, because this world never developed lightweight aircraft alloys, there are no helicopters available to take them back to L.A. and into the sliding radius.

When the ship is boarded by modern day pirates the Sliders decide that the only way to get back to the mainland is to join the buccaneer crew who are heading in that direction. The problem is, some of the pirates suspect our heroes of being undercover federal agents. Can they be trusted to deliver the Sliders to safe ground? Or will the pirates send them to their deaths at the end of a long wooden plank?
5.15| TO CATCH A SLIDER Something is wrong with the Timer! It's catapulting The Sliders on a dangerous pinball ride between dimensions. It could fail completely, stranding our heroes in a distant corner of the multi-verse. It must be repaired...but how?

Diana determines that one of the device's primary components, a crystal, is simply worn out. It needs to be replaced but Radio Shack is woefully short on spare Timer parts.

Luck is with our heroes when Diana discovers that strange LIVING GEMS indigenous to this dimension may fit the bill. But the stone they need may cost as much as one hundred thousand dollars!

The only solution it seems is to steal one of these fabulous living gems. To fix the Timer The Sliders must become jewel thieves in a caper of cinematic proportions.
5.16| DUST Remmy, Maggie, Mallory and Diana are lost in the desert, having been deposited on a world where Los Angeles apparently never existed. They stumble upon an archeological expedition and one Professor Bigelow, an overbearing palaeontologists who's discovered that L.A. did exist... over four hundred years ago. The city and its surroundings is long gone and buried, the victim of a major catastrophe.

Our heroes learn that the parallel development on this world managed to leap ahead by several hundred years, hence the existence of ancient Los Angeles. Deep in the bowels of the dig they find the remains of The Chandler Hotel and evidence that their duplicates, apparently sliders themselves, somehow died on this world. This revelation raises the question, could this ancient site foretell the answer to our own sliders' eventual demise?

Meanwhile, the local tribe, a superstitious lot, are up in arms. They want Bigelow to cease any further encroachment on what they believe is a holy burial site. They have set Rembrandt up as their god and under his leadership are prepared to kill the professor and his group to protect their sacred ground.
5.17| EYE OF THE STORM Our heroes slide into an eerie world. A hellish dimension that is besieged by unrelenting violent energy storms. Remmy, Maggie, Mallory and Diana brave the maelstrom and make it to the Chandler only to find a group of refugees living there. People who suddenly found themselves trapped in a world that is no bigger than three city blocks and is shrinking by the hour! They, like our sliders, want to go home. The question is, do we have the ability to save them all?

Meanwhile we learn that the strange man in the upstairs penthouse is our old nemesis, Dr. Oberon Geiger! He is a changed man and claims that his quest to combine the multi-verse into one is a failure. It will never work. He is now living out his life, stabilized in this mini-dimension he has created for himself.

Geiger tells our heroes that he needs Diana's help to return the refugees who were accidentally sucked into his world with him. Diana declines but Geiger counters and ups the pot with an offer to separate the two Quinns. An offer she can't possibly refuse.

But Remmy and Maggie have learned that there's more happening here than meets the eye. People are disappearing only to reappear badly mauled and disfigured. Is this dimension truly hell? And what is its chief demon Dr. Geiger up to this time?
5.18| THE SEER With the coordinates from Dr. Geiger in hand, the Sliders believe they are finally going home. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and they end up in a world where they are beloved legendary heroes (not a bad gig all things considered). Their every move, every adventure has become part of this culture's popular lore. All of which has been chronicled by a man known as The Seer.

This stately sage informs our heroes that he has seen a vision of their future. Indeed, their final destination does lie beyond the next slide. Unfortunately, so does a quick and certain death. Remmy, Maggie, Mallory and Diana must decide to either chance it and try to slide home or stay on this world for the rest of their lives.

Things get a little fishy when it becomes apparent that the Seer and his daughter, Claire, are making a great deal of money exploiting the legend of the Sliders. They even have a pseudo religion in the works called Slideology. Is it possible that this enterprising pair have been lying to our heroes? Coercing them into staying just so they can reap greater monetary rewards from a Slider crazed public who now can't get enough of the genuine article? Are our heroes doomed to become stranded victims of their own popularity?